Bakers Yeast

Imagine a world without yeast? All the bread would be flat and heavy and there would be no beer or wine.

Yeast is one of nature’s wonders and AB Mauri has the capability to harness the power of yeast and offer it in controlled qualities and convenient formats. Yeast is a microscopic unicellular fungi. They are widespread in nature but whilst there are hundreds of different natural species. The one most commonly used for industrial applications such as baking, brewing and winemaking is the Saccharomyces yeast with the principle species Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Our scientists have in-depth knowledge of the biochemistry of yeast and fermentation technology. Our guarantee to you is our knowledge of great yeast product design, production and supply.

AB Mauri supplies the following forms of yeast :

• Bakers Yeast High Sugar
• Bakers Yeast Low Sugar
• Distillery Yeast

• Instant Dry Yeast- High
• Instant Dry Yeast- Low
• Active High Yeast
• Active Low Yeast
• Distillery Yeast

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Yeast for non-bakery applications

We also develop yeast for non-bakery segments. Please visit our website which has dedicated content on the applications of specialty yeast which we have developed.