Product innovation are essential in the highly competitive bakery sector – An area where Bakery Application Center’s (BAC’s) expertise is widely appreciated across India.

Bakery Application Centre, a signature AB Mauri concept, allows us to simulate a bakery environment. This helps us in developing full-proof products that will work effectively in the real world.

BAC also supports the production by offering bake testing facilities for the product before it leaves the factory. This is done to ensure all the required quality standards and specifications are met. These standards are regularly updated based on the requirement and feedback. In addition, lab batches are also made and tested before the plant’s commercial production.

BAC is equipped with world class bakery machines such as, ‘Hobart’ and ‘Bear’ planetary mixers, imported spiral dough mixers and a sophisticated multi-deck oven for baking. It also has ‘High Speed’ dough mixers and ‘Pocket- Dough Molders’. BAC guides health, safety and hygiene parameters.

BAC provides product demonstration and training to our esteemed customers, most of our trainings are “hands on” and informative. The advantage of this is to give real life experiences to all our visitors. It also provides support by interacting and providing solutions for all your day-to-day requirements. You are welcome to be our guest and learn from our years of experience in the Baking Industry.

Come visit BAC and be benefitted