Bread Improvers

Improvers have been a common ingredient in bread since the early 1950. They were initially added to speed up the production process in plant bakeries where square (condensed) loaves of bread were manufactured on a large scale.

Bread improvers not only reduce the time that the bread takes to rise during fermentation, but also improves its texture and volume. This is done by the action of enzymes included (such as amylase and protease) on starch and gluten.

We at AB Mauri, have understood the science behind the kind of bread improvers required. We have created a wide range of improvers that will cater to the various needs of the baker. Our improver recommendations vary depending on the type of machinery used, type of process followed, location of the bakery and most importantly the kind of end product and price required.

Our entire improver range is 100% bromate free.