Emulsions for Beverages

Emulsion is a stabilized flavours delivery system that contains flavours, stabilizers and colour. It is the base for all soft drinks.

AB Mauri offers a range of emulsions for Beverage application. We use microencapsulation technology to prepare high quality Beverage Emulsions that offers colour, flavours and excellent stability in the finished beverages. It is suitable for preparation of soft drinks – aerated and non-aerated and used at a dosage as low as 1g per litre of beverage.

The range of products we offer includes

Neutral Mist, Silver Mist – Non flavoursed variants provides only cloudiness to the beverage. This is suitable for any beverage that requires only cloudiness and body.

Citrus flavoursed Emulsions – This offers colour, flavours, cloudiness and excellent stability in the end product. Available range includes – Orange variants, Lemon, Lime, Lemon-lime flavoursed beverage emulsions.

Cola flavoursed Emulsions – We offer the flavours part as well as the acid and preservative part for making a refreshing Cola drink. Get in touch with our application team to get a cola beverage that will suit your requirement in terms of colour, flavours, acid and carbonation (Fizz).

Exotic flavoursed Emulsions – Other than traditional conventional flavours, we also offer a range of beverage emulsions with unique and exotic flavours like Rose, Strawberry, Lychee, Mango, Pineapple, Pista, Jeera, Masala and Ginger Emulsion. Our application team can customize and create unique beverage concepts that will excite your taste buds and will get people talking about it!