Each of our products are developed combining art and science to provide an authentic profile while meeting all our customer’s regulatory and product requirements. Our range of product includes

  • Snack Seasonings – for a wide range of snacks including fried, extruded, baked and traditional snacks. Available products includes Masala, Tomato, Dairy, Western and Traditional seasonings

  • Culinary Seasonings – for Soups, Sauces, Marinades, Prepared Meals, Condiments and Meat Products.

  • Savoury Sprinkles – for Noodles, Pasta, Salad Dressings and other Baked goods.

  • Soup Mixes – Instant and Cook-up. Available range includes Tomato, Mixed Veg, Sweet Corn, Chinese soups and Chicken soups

  • Savoury tool kit products – Yeast based value-added products that are designed to provide specific characters to different food like MSG replacement, HVP replacement, flavours enhancement of meat, fish, chicken and vegetable products.

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