Specialty Yeast

AB Mauri India, is engaged in Yeast and Yeast Extracts production catering to various industries like Biochemical, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

The focus on cultivation, concentration and extraction of Yeast and Yeast fractions for a whole range of applications has made us the industry leader. Our products, process technology, quality programs and distribution capabilities are specially designed to provide our customers with the most effective and relevant service.

Our Technical Team in India, with support from the R&D Centers in Germany and USA is well equipped to provide customized solutions. Some of the products available are Saccharomyces Boulardii, Specialty Yeast Extract, Molasses Dried Yeast, Fali Distillers Yeast and many more.

Fermentation solutions
Please visit our website www.abbiotek.com dedicated to our speciality yeast business in the areas of distilled spirits, alcoholic beverages, bioethanol and nutrition. You can download product information sheets, read our notes on research and contact us conveniently from any part of the world.