Sweet flavours

Our people combine creativity, brand understanding and consumer insights with R&D and innovation to bring our customers unique offerings that differentiates their products in the marketplace.

Covering all aspects of the Industry from large scale bakeries to individual craft bakers and patissiers – we are able to offer the finest and most cost effective flavours solutions. Many of our flavours are Halal Certified.

We have expertise in creating Sweet flavours for Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Oral Care applications. We have extensive know-how in the creation of flavours concepts and heat-stable flavours for bakery products, providing total solutions for our customers. Our customers can choose from a library of natural, nature-identical and artificial flavours or we can develop an entirely new flavours profile to meet your exact specifications.

The range of products we offer includes
Liquid flavours – Vanilla, Dairy, Fruit flavours, Brown flavours, Mint flavours and Spice flavours.
Emulsions – Orange, Mango. Cola, Lemon, Lime, Jeera and other Exotic Fruits emulsions.
Powder flavours – Vanilla, Cream, Milk, Butter and others.

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