Solar-Powered Success: AB Mauri India’s Green Journey Towards Sustainable Manufacturing

In today’s corporate landscape, the discourse surrounding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors is rapidly evolving, signifying a profound shift towards sustainable practices. At AB Mauri India, we not only acknowledge the pivotal role that ESG plays in driving enduring value creation but also recognize the interconnectedness of its pillars: ‘E’ for environmental, ‘S’ for social, and ‘G’ for governance. This integration serves as the bedrock of our strategy, reflecting our unwavering commitment to prioritizing ESG efforts.

We are thrilled to unveil some remarkable developments on this front that exemplify our dedication to sustainability. Starting this month, an exciting transformation has taken place at AB Mauri India. Our Yeast & BI factory in Chiplun has seamlessly transitioned to renewable solar energy. This monumental shift not only bolsters our green credentials but also positions our Chiplun plant as the first solar-powered yeast facility in India. With a remarkable reduction of 70% to 80% in grid energy reliance, this milestone significantly advances sustainable development by curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar energy, as a clean and renewable power source, plays a pivotal role in mitigating climate change and reducing carbon footprints, safeguarding both humanity and the environment. The adoption of solar energy also contributes to improved air quality and reduced water usage in energy production.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond energy sourcing. Both of our yeast plants in India have achieved the status of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), marking a significant achievement in wastewater management. This process eliminates liquid effluent discharge into surface waters, effectively eradicating pollution concerns associated with conventional treatment methods. The outcome? A substantial reduction in wastewater generation, amplified water recovery and recycling, and remarkably low fresh water consumption. Annually, we conserve an impressive 150 million liters of water through ZLD implementation, translating into both environmental gains and valuable product offerings for our customers.

Furthermore, AB Mauri India has diligently tackled plastic waste. Collaborating with NGOs, we successfully collected approximately 150 tonnes of post-consumer plastic waste, ensuring safe and responsible disposal.

These remarkable milestones underscore our resolute commitment to responsible and principled actions. We firmly believe that these initiatives form the cornerstone of our long-term business management and resonate with our unwavering social purpose. At AB Mauri India, we are driven by a clear mission — to provide our customers with safe, nutritious, high-quality ingredients.

These accomplishments encapsulate our strategic choices in ESG and reflect our dedication to creating environmentally friendly manufacturing facilities. Our journey has always been grounded in a vision of positively impacting both people and the planet. In our view, responsible business practices are not just a choice; they are the only way forward.


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